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There exist several clubs, communities, associations, organizations and institutions, which promote closer ties between Denmark and Estonia situated in each or both of these countries.

Organizations in Estonia


Estonian-Danish Society (Eesti-Taani Selts)

Eesti-Taani Selts promotes closer cultural ties between Estonia and Denmark since 1991.
Contact: Silvi Teesalu, Anneli Pärlin
Tel: +372 50 58 699

Baltic Bridge Organization (Balti Sild)

Baltisk Bro is a friendship organization, which goal is to enhance cooperation between the islands of Bornholm in Denmark and Saaremaa in Estonia. The branches of this organization are located on Bornholm (see Foreningen Baltisk Bro), Kretinga (Lithuania) and Saaremaa.
Chairman: Tiiu Kupp
Tel: +372 45 39 329  

Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (office in Riga)
Danish Cultural Institute is an independent self-governing institution, the coordinator of international exchange with Denmark and its foreign representations.
Danish Cultural Institute's office in Riga
Berga Bazars, Marijas iela 13, k. 3 (1. floor)
Riga, LV-1050, LATVIA
Tel: +371 67 28 99 94

Organizations in Denmark

Danish-Estonian Society (Dansk-Estisk Selskab)
Dansk-Estisk Selskab is a non-governmental association, which promotes multifaceted contacts between Denmark and Estonia since 1990.
Chairman: Ulrich Holstein-Holsteinborg
Tel: +45 55 45 90 05

Estonian Home (Eesti Kodu)
Eesti Kodu is one of the eldest associations assembling Estonians living abroad. It is an association for Estonians and their families living in the Copenhagen area, but welcomes also Danes, who hold the Estonian close to their hearts. Associated with Eesti Kodu are Noor Eesti Kodu (Young Estonian Home - the meetings for all Estonians every last Friday of the month), Pühapäevakool (Sunday School for Estonian Children) and Eesti Naiste Klubi (Estonian Women's Club).
Chairman: Mae Veskis Hove
Tel: +45 38 79 88 36      

Baltic Bridge Organization (Foreningen Baltisk Bro)

Baltisk Bro is a friendship organization, which goal is to enhance cooperation between the islands of Bornholm in Denmark, Saaremaa in Estonia and Kretinga in Lithuania.
Chairman: Jens Stubkjær
Tel: +45 56 47 04 01


Estonian Church in Copenhagen (Eesti Evangeelse Luterliku Kiriku Lõuna-Rootsi koguduse Kopenhaageni pihtkond)

The regular services are held since 1952, an average of 3-4 services a year at the Hans Tausen's Church in Copenhagen by reverend Heiner Erendi.
Contact person: Sille Helk
Tel: +45 31 22 52 88      

If your organization is not mentioned on this list, please feel free to notify the Embassy