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About us

Welcome to the Danish Embassy in Tallinn!

As Danish soldiers are in Estonia, one of Europe's most dynamic and innovative countries, to be a part of NATO's enhanced forward presence, it is a natural step in a long history of Danish engagement with our Baltic neighbours, and especially with Estonia.

Denmark and Estonia have a very special history together, which you can read more about here on our website. In 1991, Denmark (after Iceland) for example was  first to restore diplomatic relations with the newly independent Estonia in connection with the dissolvement of the Soviet Union.

I am happy to work for Denmark in Estonia with my fellow colleagues at the Embassy. Politically, culturally and commercially. We want to strengthen cooperation with Estonia within the framework of the EU, NATO and the Nordic-Baltic group of countries. We do this through close contacts in the Estonian community and by promoting visits from Denmark at all levels.

Denmark's iconic embassy, designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg, was built in 1998 and has a magnificent view of the old town (Danish Town = Taani-linn), where Dannebrog, according to the legend, descended from heaven on 15 June, 1219.

Interested Danes and Danish companies are welcome to visit us and to contact us to hear about the good opportunities for using the Embassy facilities.

See you in Estonia!

Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard CV