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Diversity seminar offered a lecture by Danish expert

12.12.2016  13:39
Danish diversity expert Lotte Holck gave a presentation at the seminar organized by Estonian Human Rights Centre on 6 December 2016, where nine new organizations signed the charter.

The seminar participants were welcomed by Estonian Minister of Health and Labour Jevgeni Ossinovski, Danish ambassador Søren Kelstrup, Swedbank Eesti Personnel Manager Ülle Matt and Estonian Human Rights Centre’s Executive Director Kari Käsper.

The seminar continued with the presentation on diversity management by Danish diversity expert Lotte Holck, the Copenhagen Business School organizational behaviour department researcher and ISS Denmark diversity adviser. She gave an overview of the ISS Denmark’s approach to diversity and focused on themes such as the relationship between innovation and diversity, making the dynamics of groups, group affiliation, the diversity of the groups and workers' identity. During the presentation Lotte Holck expressed the opinion that the diversity management should be kept separate from the CSR and we should talk more about the benefits of wise diversity management. "Very often we are talking in companies about ensuring diversity as a moral debate, assisting the marginalized. Unfortunately then the diversity management as a commercially useful activity is left on the background," said Holck.

After the lecture nine new companies signed the Estonian Diversity Charter. With this the charter now has 79 companies, public sector institutions or civil society organizations joined.
Diversity Charter aims to promote in companies and institutions the management culture and personnel policies that ensure the use of the potential of all employees and their equal treatment, and draws attention to managing diversity.

Read the interview with Lotte Holck in Postimees newspaper here and the interview on the Estonian Human Rights Centre’s website here (both in Estonian).

Opening words by Estonian Minister of Health and Labour Jevgeni Ossinovski. (Photo: Aron Urb)

Greeting by Danish Ambassador Søren Kelstrup. (Photo: Aron Urb)

Greeting remarks by Swedbank Eesti Personnel Manager Ülle Matt. (Photo: Aron Urb) 

Greeting words by Estonian Human Rights Centre’s Executive Director Kari Käsper. (Photo: Aron Urb)

Presentation by Lotte Holck. (Photo: Aron Urb)