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Welcome to the 200 new soldiers

09.07.2020  12:44
On the 8th of July - The Ambassador Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard was happy to welcome the new Danish SNR Lt. Col. Thomas Fogh and 200 Danish soldiers including the Vidar Company, Gardehusarregimentet back in Estonia. 

As reflected in the press: At a formal ceremony held at the Tapa Camp of the Estonian Defence Forces, the outgoing Armadillo Company, Den Kongelige Livgarde handed over responsibility to the Vidar Company.

"I am very satisfied with the time served in Estonia. Although the global pandemic also set its restrictions, we were able to carry out the necessary activities in the training areas: we learned to fight in winter conditions, to fight both in a built-up area and in the forests," Lt. Col.
Tommy Kjær, SNR, Commander of the outgoing Danish contingent, said in a press release.

Almost a third of the troops who came to serve in Estonia as part of the Vidar company were here in 2018 as well. "I was the platoon commander
at the time. I lived in the same barracks, slept on the same floor, and my office was across the hall. So coming to Estonia is like returning home," Capt. Jakob Vester, deputy commander of the Vidar Company, said.

In Scandinavian mythology, Vidar is the son of the most important god, Odin, whose main activity was self-training for Ragnarok, the battle before the end of the world. "Our company is also practicing to be ready for Ragnarok. So that, if necessary, we will be strong enough to prevent the end of the world," Capt. Jakob Vester said.

The Vidar Company is armed with the CV90 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs). They also have access to the Danish defence forces' new Piranha V armored personnel carriers, and together with the logistics unit, the Danish unit has almost 200 members of the defence forces. In total, more than a thousand members of the defence forces from the United Kingdom and Denmark are serving in the battle group at Tapa.

The lead country of the allied battle group in Estonia is the United Kingdom, the contributing countries are France and Denmark. The first battle group arrived at Tapa in April 2017.

Photos: Embassy and Estonian Defence.

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