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100 years ago Denmark, Norway and Sweden recognized the Republic of Estonia de jure

03.02.2021  16:38
On 5 February 2021, we celebrate 100 years of diplomatic relations between Estonia and some of its closest neighbours – Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The decision to recognize Estonia was made jointly in the Scandinavian capitals.
The decision to recognize the young Republic of Estonia was made in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen already on February 4th, 1921, and the letters of recognition were delivered to the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 5th of February.

The letters that the Royal Norwegian Consul Eduard Forsman, Swedish Consul Olof Andreas Hedman and the Danish Consul General Jens Christian Johansen delivered to the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs were identical in their message.

"I have been instructed by His Excellency the Minister for Foreign Affairs to inform your Excellency that His Majesty’s Government, who has much pleasure in seeing Esthonia make its entry amongst the free and sovereign States of Europe, are extremely glad to recognize de jure the Esthonian Republic and its Government."

The close cooperation reflected in this joint recognition of Estonia, has endured the whole century and even strengthened between the Nordic countries. The Nordic countries have now extended the cooperation to the Nordic-Baltic 8 format, with ministerial meetings being held regularly in many fields.