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Festival Kino maale brought Danish short films to all Estonian counties

20.12.2019  15:41
The film festival Kino maale (Cinema to countryside) on 7-27 October 2019 showed films to more than 17,000 people in nearly 100 venues in all 15 counties in Estonia.
This year's festival focused on Danish cinema. "There are 10 different programmes at the festival, more than 60 films in total. This year, Danish cinema is the main focus as we pay homage to Danish-Estonian relations. This year marks the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Danish flag and according to the legend the flag is from Estonia. We show the Danish films via   six diverse programmes, and we also have four programmes of Estonian animated films,“ said festival’s organiser Indrek Jurtšenko at the opening of the festival.

For the first time, the festival included short fiction films in programme and film-related philatelic exhibition at the Tapa Cultural Centre. The films were screened in more than 100 Estonian educational and cultural institutions in all 15 counties, as well as in twelve Go Buses and five Elron trains.
In addition, the festival hosted two animation trainings and competitions for young people and conscripts. More than 85 schoolchildren and 28 conscripts participated in the training, creating a total of 45 animations with a total duration of nearly 40 minutes.

The films created during the animation training were seen at the closing of the festival on 26October at the Tapa Cultural Centre. The jury's favourite films were also announced there. The Danish Embassy's special prize went to the film "Otters" (authors Anni-Marleen Saar, Liselle Saar, Miina Matilda Risthein, Saskia Ilisson). The list of all winners and all the created films can be seen on the website of Kino maale here.

In connection with the festival, representatives of the Danish Embassy visited several screenings venues and introduced Danish cinema, Denmark and Embassy’s work. Thank you for the warm welcome: Klooga Cultural Center, Lihula Music and Art School, Vana-Vigala Community Centre, Suure-Jaani Gymnasium, Holstre School, Paistu School, Vastemõisa Manor Friends’ Society, Adavere Library and Peetri School.

The film festival Kino maale was created in 2017 in Tapa. It is organized by the Tapa Municipality Government and the Tapa City Development Society.
The festival was supported by the Centre for Folk Culture, the Association of Lääne-Viru Municipalities, the Expert Group of the Lääne-Viru County of the Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Estonian Film Institute, Villa Theresa and Pub Tareke and 18 people via Hooandja. Collaboration partners were the Embassy of Denmark in Estonia and the Danish Film Institute, Eesti Joonisfilm, Nukufilm, MTÜ Nukufilm Children's Studio, Hea Hoog, Veerev Konn, Virumaa Teataja, Referent, Kuku Raadio, ERR, Kanal2, TV3, Fistmedia, Tapa Cultural Centre, Tapa Gymnasium, Elron, Ledzep Trailers, 1st Infantry Brigade, cultural and educational institutions all over Estonia and others.