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Danish Cultural Institute marks 30 years from the opening of the office in the Baltics

27.10.2020  15:36
The Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania celebrates 30-years from opening the offices in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius during the course of 1990-1991.

The year 2020 marks thirty years since the Danish Cultural Institute opened branches in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and began its work with cultural exchanges and projects that create mutual value and inspiration, opening a window to the West and strengthening the international dialogue between Denmark and the Baltics. Currently there is a physical office only in Riga, executing cultural activities in all three Baltic States.

The office in Riga was opened on 18 August 1990 with Rikke Helms as director, who then went on to employ the directors for the Tallinn office, Silvi Teesalu, and the Vilnius office, Audra Sabaliuskiéne. The offices were opened respectively on 1 November 1990 in Tallinn and later on in 1991 in Vilnius. Read the interview with Silvi Teesalu from 2015 when she describes the early days of the Institute in Estonia and Baltics:

To celebrate the jubilee, the institute is organizing an ambitious music education project for children and youngsters – "Harmonic Voices". The jubilee event on the October 26th kick-started the project by offering Danish and Baltic music school performances and official speeches. Watch the whole event here:

The project will continue with a series of exchange trips, where the Danish and Baltic young music students and music education professionals will have a chance to exchange ideas and experiences, as well as learn from each other to strengthen music education in all four countries. The aim of the project is to create a platform for learning, inspiration and mutual help in creating new future opportunities for youth.
The schools participating both in the jubilee event as well as the exchange trips are: Riga Cathedral Choir School (LV), Tallinn Music High School (EE), Vilnius choral singing school "Liepaitės" (LT), Gladsaxe Music School (DK), Aalborg Culture School (DK).