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Danish Constitution Day was marked in Estonia

15.06.2020  19:41
On 5 June 2020 the Constitution Day was celebrated in Tallinn and Tapa.

The Constitution Day was this year marked in style with a concert at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We listened and enjoyed at the Embassy as well. Watch the concert recording here.
In Tapa the mission medals were handed to the Danish and British soldiers by the Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Defence, Kristjan Prikk. Around 200 Danish soldiers who have served with the NATO Battlegroup Estonia by the 1st Infantry Brigade in the frames of enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) are getting close to ending their 6-month tour. The presentation of mission medals is a gratitude shown from the Estonian side in recognition of the soldiers’ exemplary service and outstanding cooperation as members of the Battlegroup.

Ambassador Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard spoke to the Danish contingent at the medal parade and at a Constitution Day barbecue held inside the camp (inside in order to respect Estonian COVID-19 policy) emphasising the interrelation between democracy, freedom, and security.
More photos from the medal parade can be seen at the website of the Ministry of Defence:

Senior National Representative LtCol Tommy Kjær thanks Chief of Defence MG Martin

The Ambassador talked about the Constitution’s importance for democracy, freedom and security.

Estonian pop star Liis Lemsalu in concert.

Senior National Representative Paul Clayton participated in the Danish Constitution Day along with his UK troops.