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Danish contingent concluded the NATO eFP mission in Estonia

22.01.2019  10:59
The Danish soldiers serving in the NATO Battlegroup in Tapa in the frames of enhanced Forward Presence have returned back to Denmark. 

On 18 January 2019 during the ceremony at Tapa military camp the Danish contingent handed over the responsibility to freshly arrived Belgian troops. The Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, the second in command of the Estonian Defence Forces Major General Indrek Sirel, Danish Ambassador Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard and representatives of the participating countries’ defence forces participated in the ceremony.

"The Danish volunteers fought alongside us during the War of Independence, and your service in the enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group is another significant contribution to the security of Estonia and whole Europe as well," said Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas while thanking the Danish soldiers for their contribution.
The Ambassador Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard thanked the Prime Minister for the outstanding welcome and host nation support that was offered to the Danish soldiers.

A few days earlier, on 15 January 2019, also at the Tapa base, Estonia's Defence Minister Jüri Luik and Deputy Commander of the Defence Forces Maj. Gen. Indrek Sirel awarded the members of the Danish contingent the service medals of participation in international military operations, 'In Defence of NATO'. In his speech the Minister of Defence hoped that the service by the Danes with the NATO Battle Group met all of their expectations in terms of training, while also helping to establish necessary contacts and obtain an understanding of the terrain and the people living here. The Ambassador Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard was present at the ceremony and appreciated the chance to greet and thank each member personally.

The Danish contingent served in Tapa for a year from January 2018 to January 2019 with two groups of around 200 soldiers for 6-month periods. The Danish Senior National Representative will be still be present in Estonia with a small group of officers in 2019.

Find more photos of the ceremony on 15 January here and of 18 January here

Defence Minister Jüri Luik handing over the mission medals on 15 January 2019.

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas giving speech to Danish and Belgian contingents on 18 January 2019. (Photos: