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Danish soldiers started their service in Estonia

08.01.2020  16:07
On 8 January 2020 the Danish Embassy participated in the Transfer of Authority ceremony in Tapa.

Up to 200 Danish soldiers are stationed in Estonia throughout 2020. Here, the soldiers are part of NATO's advanced forward presence in the Baltic States and Poland (eFP). The Danish contribution in 2020 consists of two teams, each covering six months.

The Danish soldiers are part of NATO's multinational force of about 4,000 soldiers in Poland and the Baltic countries. NATO's presence in the Baltic countries and Poland demonstrates that NATO is prepared to protect NATO territory and NATO's peoples, and emphasizes alliance solidarity. NATO's presence in the eastern part of the alliance strengthens security in the region and thus also in Denmark.

The Danish soldiers are based in Tapa, located approx. 70 km east of the capital Tallinn. While in Estonia, the soldiers will practice and train with British and Estonian units and with soldiers from other NATO countries.

Currently, more than 1,000 soldiers are serving in the eFP Battle Group at Tapa.