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Uffe Ellemann-Jensen receives Endel Lippmaa Memorial Medal

18.09.2020  17:06
Uffe Ellemann-Jensen has been awarded the Estonian Endel Lippmaa Memorial Medal as a token of recognition to a good friend of Estonia and an ardent supporter of Estonia’s aspirations for freedom. He will give a virtual lecture in the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

The Memorial Committee has given the following reasons for awarding this prestigious medal to Uffe Ellemann-Jensen: “As Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (1982–1993), Uffe Ellemann-Jensen was instrumental in the recognition process of the Baltic States at the time of the restoration of independence of the Republic of Estonia. Thanks to his efforts, Denmark became the first state to restore diplomatic relations with all the three Baltic countries. Together with his German colleague Hans-Dietrich Genscher he convened the Council of the Baltic Sea States in 1992, the central objective of which was to ensure a balanced development within the Baltic Sea region after the end of the Cold War. For twenty years (1998–2018) Ellemann-Jensen contributed vigorously to the activity of the Baltic Development Forum, which brought together top performers in the domains of business, politics, media, and science within the region.”

The first Endel Lippmaa Memorial Medal was awarded to Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry Kurt Wüthrich, who delivered the Memorial Lecture in 2017. Due to the extraordinary year, the exact date of Uffe Ellemann-Jensen’s lecture is still open. The lecture focuses on the impending challenges faced by small nations.

The recipient of the Memorial Medal is selected by the committee consisting of Ene Ergma, Mart Kalm, Jaak Lippmaa, Urmas Nagel and Mart Saarma.
The titanium Memorial Medal was designed by metal artist Risto Tali.

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