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Danish exhibitions at Tallinn Architecture Biennale

08.10.2015  12:19
Tallinn Architecture Biennale’s (9.09-18.10.2015) satellite programme includes two Danish exhibitions.

The exhibition "Contemporary Danish Architecture" presents projects that are examples of contemporary, sustainable architecture by Danish firms that merge functionality and aesthetics. The exhibition is open in Tallinn in the tunnel under Vabaduse Square from 12 September to 25 October 2015 daily at 7:00-22:00.

Exhibition ”Architecture With People” presents Danish architecture that is about creating settings that make people feel safe, generate new opportunities and encourage diversity focusing strongly on environmental and social sustainability and most importantly, about putting people first. The exhibition has been developed by Danish Architecture Centre at the request of the Danish Ministry of Culture and in dialogue with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Danish Architects’ Association. It is rooted in the Danish architectural policy “Putting people first”, which was published in February 2014.  The exhibition is open from 19 September to 9 November 2015 in Butterfly Lounge (Vana-Viru 13, Tallinn).

Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB is an international architecture festival which introduces local architecture culture, current issues concerning architecture, and looks at the future of the architectural profession.

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