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Vejle Kommune's experiences shared at migration conference

12.04.2016  17:46
The Migration conference "Immigration to the Nordic-Baltic Region: New Trends and Integration Challenges" in Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn on 31 March and 1 April 2016 the experts from Nordic and Baltic countries introduced their region’s experiences in receiving the immigrants, their integration into the labour market, arranging language training and finding housing.

Experts shared their experiences with handling the migration flow, starting from the documentation process and finding them a place to live and work to assisting orphaned war refugees. Presentations were based on government and research institutions’ latest analyses of migration and integration based on examples from Europe, the Nordic and Baltic countries; and the experiences of the public and third sector on how to overcome challenges related to integration.

Denmark’s Vejle local government’s labour committee chairman Christoffer Melson introduced compulsory integration plan developed by the local government according to which the local government actively assists immigrants in working age to find training position in companies as quickly as possible. Thus they get acquainted with local people and culture, and obtain language practice.

Find overview, presentations, articles and photos from the conference on Nordic Council of Ministers' website


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