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Danish films at 20th PÖFF

04.11.2016  22:56
The November evenings have arrived and it is time once again to prepare for the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival that during the 11‒27 November 2016 offers the chance to see a selection of fresh films by Danish directors or produced in cooperation with Denmark.

PÖFF takes place for the 20th time this year and that little jubilee is a good moment to remember that amongst the initiators of the first festival in 1997 with its mainly Nordic programme were also the then Danish ambassador to Estonia Svend Roed Nielsen with spouse Anne-Marie Overbye.

Marking the 20th anniversary the festival will screen Lars von Trier's "The Kingdom" that was also showed at the first festival. Additionally, as in all the years, a selection of new Danish films will be screened.

''Directed by Jesper W. Nielsen ("Okay", PÖFF 2003) "The Day Will Come" takes the viewer to the 1960s in Copenhagen, where the two brothers are trying to cope with the reality of a ruthless state boys' school. At the Haugesund Film Festival, the International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI prize was awarded to this drama starring Sofie Gråbøl and Lars Mikkelsen.

Few hundred years back in history, period after the Great Northern War is a setting for "Satisfaction 1720", where director Henrik Ruben Genz ("Chinaman", PÖFF 2005, "Terribly Happy", PÖFF 2008) plays with different genres and presents the story of the Danish-Norwegian war hero Vice Admiral Peter Wessel Tordenskjold’s stormy life and the friendship between a master and a servant.

More contemporary times are reflected in Morten Boesdal Halvorsen's debut feature "Anti" where youngsters Simon and Frede of a Danish small town in 1991 blend into a Copenhagen graffiti gang, but street art world expect has its own challenges. The film is screened in the Children's and Youth Film Festival Just Film programme.

Icelandic director Guðmundur Arnar Gudmundsson’s  debut film "Heart of Stone" describes on the background of Icelandic nature a complex growing-up story where finding yourself also has to match the village community norms. Director won the Queer Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival for the skilful handling of LGBT themes.
Swedish city community and the group of petanque players is the environment where Johannes Nyholm's debut film "The Giant" has everyday life scenes of Rikard whose face is misshaped by illness. These alternate with the scenes of his colourful and imaginative inner world.
Another debut at PÖFF, completed with the participation of Denmark is Ralitza Petrova’s debut  feature "Godless", in which trying to escape a scam scheme is Bulgarian nurse Gana – a debut role of poet Irena Ivanova who has already won the Best Actress award from three festivals.
Director Amat Escalante ("Los bastardos", PÖFF 2008, "Heli" PÖFF 2013) is delving into Mexican social problems in his film "The Untamed".

Amongst the documentary films at this year’s DOC@PÖFF programme is "Bugs", screened this summer at tartüff film festival in Tartu, has two curious foodies Ben Reade and Josh Evans wandering around the world examining how the people in different cultures prepare and eat insects, at the same time worrying about the sustainability of raw materials for food.
Director Andreas Dalsgaard ("The Human Scale") surveys with his film "The War Show" the scenery of Damascus via radio DJ Zytoon and his friends life since the hopeful wake of the Arab Spring. Footage used in the film is shot by Obaidah Zytoon herself.

''One of the PÖFF special screenings this year is going to celebrate the festival’s 20th anniversary with the screening of Lars von Trier's cult TV series "The Kingdom" that was screened at the very first festival.


Amongst the jury to evaluate the PÖFF official competition films is Danish screenwriter and writer Steen Bille, who co-wrote the scripts of Niels Arden Oplev’s youth films "We Shall Overcome" and "Worlds Apart" that have been screened at PÖFF.

Student and Short Film Festival’s 
Baltic Sea competition programme will screen director Cecilie McNair’s film "Mukwano". The European Film Academy’s programme "Short Matters!" includes short films "The Place We Call Our Home" and "Listen".
The programme of European Short Documentaries includes "A Man Returned" by Mahdi Fleifel who has visited The World Film Festival in Tartu with his previous film "A World Not Ours".