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Conference on “Free of Bullying” programme brought together the experience from Estonia and Denmark

13.05.2016  16:10
NGO Estonian Union for Child Welfare hosted on 14 April 2016 in Tallinn an international conference "Bullying-free life starts with us!" about their project "Bullying-free kindergarten and school”.

The conference brought together partners, foreign speakers and practitioners who shared their experiences and visions for the future in relation to the proactive methodology against bullying "Free of Bullying". The conference participants were welcomed be the Danish Ambassador Søren Kelstrup, among others.

Danish experience with "Free of Bullying" was shared by methodology’s forerunners Lars Stilling Netteberg (Save the Children Denmark) and Christina Stær Mygind (Mary Foundation). Aarhus University’s social psychology professor Dorte Marie Søndergaard introduced the study of bullying and its complex social mechanisms.

"Free of Bullying" has been used in Estonia since 2010 on the initiative of the NGO Estonian Union for Child Welfare and their project programme "Bullying-free kindergarten and school". The methodology was inspired from anti-bullying programme "Free of Bullying" used in kindergartens and elementary schools in Denmark since 2007, focussing on the prevention of bullying among children aged 3-10. The programme is managed by Save the Children Denmark in cooperation with the Mary Foundation under the patronage of Danish Crown Princess Mary. In April 2014 during her visit to Tallinn Crown Princess Mary visited also Suitsupääsupesa kindergarten and German Gymnasium of Kadriorg that have implemented the programme.

The conference’s livestream in Postimees can be reviewed here.
Conference photos are available here.
A special issue of the magazine Märka Last! was published for the conference – see here.
Conference presentations can be found here.

(Photo: Danish Embassy)