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Danish Day in Tallinn Secondary School of Science

05.04.2017  16:57
Tallinn Secondary School of Science held on 30 March 2017 the Danish Day which marked three years since the start of the school’s friendship with Viborg Katedralskole, Denmark.

Embassy of Denmark was also honored to participate in the day. Ambassador Søren Kelstrup discussed with  11th grade students Estonia’s and Denmark's role in the international arena, and embassy’s interns Ninni Gustavsen and Emil Dyrby talked to the 9th grade about the Danes, Danish values and also about their work at the embassy.

There were more guest speakers at the school that day. Katrin Maiste from Estonian Institute introduced presented Danish language to the 9th-10th grade, Kirke Päss from the Art Academy of Estonia talked about Danish architecture and her own experiences of architectural studies in Denmark to 12th grade and Toomas Kukk, the Estonian Foreign Ministry's North and Central Europe regional cooperation bureau director, discussed with  the 10th class the Nordic-Baltic cooperation.

The school had on the day also LEGO-contest, quiz, Danish-themed lessons from high school students to primary school students, introduction of study opportunities and lots more.

Find more photos of the day at Tallinn Secondary School of Science’s Facebook page.

Søren Kelstrup

Emil Dyrby and Ninni Gustavsen

Katrin Maiste

Kirke Päss