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The Danish Embassy’s charity bicycling ride lead to Viru Folk and collected money to support children with cancer

13.08.2015  15:02
The bicycle ride with the Danish Embassy and City Bike to Viru Folk festival (7-9 August 2015) in Käsmu helped raise money for the Estonian Cancer Society’s Jacob fund.

The Danish Ambassador to Estonia, Søren Kelstrup, who participated in the ride, said that charity bike rides are very popular in Denmark. "Danish companies are willing to donate for people’s healthy effort, which, after all, cycling is. In the frames of this year’s Viru Folk we wanted to combine cycling that is characteristic to Denmark and charity, and to reach Käsmu, where the varied Viru Folk festival programme could be enjoyed," he explained.

On Friday, 7 August, the ride began at the Danish Embassy, with some bikers joining in Jägala. The destination was Käsmu captains’village where at the same evening Viru Folk festival was opened introducing Danish culture this year.

There were also bicycle rides during the festival on Käsmu peninsula, including guided morning rides and ringriding – similar to medieval tournaments, a ring had to be caught with a spear, but the role of the horse was taken over by a bicycle. Participation in all these cycling activities  helped to support children with cancer via Estonian Cancer Society – for each participant donations were added to Jacob fund by Danske Bank, Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck, DSV and LEGO – altogether 3064 euros were collected.

As this year's Viru Folk was dedicated to Danish culture, five Danish bands took the stage - folk metal band Svartsot, romantic folktronic band Sorten Muld, Phønix with their unique sound, electrofolk band Asynje and Tradish with their mix of Irish music. The Danish bands were in great company with several beloved local musicians.

Käsmu Maritime Museum was the centre of childrens’ programme and invited listeners to fairy-tale readings, where Hans Christian Andersen's stories inspired drawings and crafts. The museum also hosted a room full of LEGO blocks.

Near the museum HC Tallinn players encouraged visitors to try their throwing speed and accuracy in Danish national sport - handball. Thereby, it was also possible to play an old Viking game kubb.

During Viru Folk’s Käsmu Film and Photo Programme (KÄFF) several Danish films were screened - documentaries "The Ghost of Piramida," which tells the story of the town of Piramida on Svalbard along with Efterklang’s the music, "The Expedition to the End of the World" took the viewers to a schooner trip to Greenland’s northeastern waters, and the "The Human Space" discussed the development of people-friendly cities with architect Jan Gehl. The fiction film in the programme “Marie Krøyer” described the life of famous Skagen artists' community.

Maritime Museum also hosted a Viking village and Ain Mäesalu held a lecture about ancient Danes and their ties with Estonia. Genuine Danish hotdogs and drinks were served as food street.

Viru Folk took place for the eighth time. Last year the Sami culture was introduced, the year before the Swedish culture.

Sorten Muld on main stage after the opening of the festival.

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