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Danish Division holds large computer exercise in Estonia

06.06.2016  16:55
830 soldiers from six countries participate in June 2016 in the Saber Knight exercise in Estonia. Danish Division holds the exercise to train its five Brigade staffs in a complex war scenario in a friendly NATO-allied country.
The exercise is an essential part of the NATO assurance measures in the Baltic States and at the same time a significant part of the US-led exercise Saber Strike that is executed in Northeast Europe.

The soldiers from USA, Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Denmark take part. The exercise is run as a computer exercise, where the brigades has to plan, coordinate, and execute operations as normal, but the operations in itself are being executed on a screen.

Exercise Saber Knight 2016 is part of the annual US-led exercise Saber Strike, which since 2010 has visited the three Baltic countries. Saber Strike includes numerous minor exercises, which Danish soldiers participates in the ongoing Saber Knight in Estonia and later this month in the 2nd  Brigade’s exercise White Sword in Lithuania. The Danish contribution adds up to 1500 soldiers of 10.000 participating.

By Kim Vibe Michelsen
Read the full article on Defence Command Denmark's website (in Danish).