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Danish and Estonian horticultural experiences shared at the vision conference

28.10.2016  17:00
Estonian Horticultural Association in cooperation with the Danish Embassy held the third  vision conference of Estonian Horticultural Association on 27 October 2016.
Topic of the conference that gathered around 140 people of the horticultural sector at the Tallinn Zoo Environmental Education Centre was titled “Estonia as a top-player in EU horticulture – how to achieve this target? Danish Experience” with Ruve Šank, Head of Foreign Relations Department in Ministry of Rural Affairs, as moderator. 

The audience was greeted by Raivo Külasepp, the CEO of Estonian Horticultural Association, and Ambassador of Denmark Søren Kelstrup. The presentations started with overview of Association’s activities was given by Raivo Külasepp and Illar Lemetti, Secretary General of Ministry of Rural Affairs, introduced the current situation of horticulture in Estonia. 

Ambassador Søren Kelstrup

An Estonian example of giving extra value to apples came from Jaanihanso Cider House’s owner Alvar Roosimaa who in few years has grown the production and variety many times.

The conference continued with workshops with Danish speakers. On the example of his orchard Egeby Frugtplantage Henning H. Jensen weighed the challenges and opportunities of growing of apples and pears in Denmark. Per Boisen Andersen, Director of Secretariat of Danish Garden Centre Association introduced the association and discussed the future of garden centres. His experiences in 20 years of vegetable growing was shared by Steen Aarup with some added info about fertilisers from his current position as adviser in Yara Denmark.

Henning H. Jensen

The workshops were followed with the overview of the current situation of Danish horticultural sector by Torben Lippert Head of Secretariat of Danish Horticulture (Dansk Gartneri). Reflecting the title of the presentation the conclusion was that despite of some challenges the horticulture in Denmark is definitely a mission possible.

The day ended with a lecture by Indrek Tustit, Physiotherapist of Estonian Athletic Association, on how an entrepreneur the same as an athlete should take care of one’s health.