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Danish soldiers in Tapa received mission medals

07.06.2018  14:32
On 5 June 2018, Minister of Defence Jüri Luik and Commander of the Defence Forces General Riho Terras along with Ambassador Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard presented mission medals to NATO battle group soldiers.
Minister of Defence Jüri Luik thanked the solders for their service and contribution to Estonia's defence capability.
‘One hundred years ago, British and Danish soldiers stood together with Estonians here, to fight for our independence and freedom. Today, you are once again standing here in order to preserve and protect that freedom and to preserve our security and the security of our allies,’ said Luik.
During the ceremony, Commander of the Defence Forces General Riho Terras presented the flag of the Commander of the Defence Forces to the Allied battle group.

During the ceremony, 700 British Allied soldiers and nearly 200 Danish Allied soldiers were awarded a medal in recognition of their exemplary service and outstanding cooperation as members of the battle group.
It was a memorable way to spend 5 June, which is also the Danish Constitution Day, for the Danish soldiers as well as for the Danish Ambassador.

The Danish soldiers began serving in NATO battle group at Tapa in the beginning of January as part of the 1st Infantry Brigade.

See more photos here.

(Photos: Estonian Defence Forces) 
(Text: Estonian Ministry of Defence)