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A collection of Danish plays published in Estonian

16.10.2018  16:24
The Estonian Drama Theatre hosted on 4 October 2018 a presentation of the new book with Danish plays published by the Estonian Theatre Agency and the reading of Christian Lollike’s play.

At the first reading the actresses from the Estonian Drama Theatre Harriet Toompere (director), Marta Laan and Hilje Murel read “The Normal Life” (2012), the play by Danish playwright and stage director Christian Lollike. Author himself was present and was interviewed by translator Eva Velsker after the reading.

In the course of the evening, the new publication of Estonian Theatre Agency's series "Theatre | Plays" was presented. The book includes a selection of contemporary Danish plays translated into Estonian. Astrid Saalbach's "The Call" (translator Maarja Siiner), Peter Asmussen's "Nobody Meets Anybody" (Eva Velsker), Rhea Leman's "Gorilla" (Anu Laanemets) and Christian Lollike’s "The Normal Life" are published in the collection. A comprehensive afterword was written by Anneli Kuhlmann.

The publication is available at bookstores and the Estonian Theatre Agency.
The collection Danish plays was published with the support of the Danish Embassy in Estonia, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

Christian Lollike and Eva Velsker

Marta Laan, Hilje Murel, Harriet Toompere