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The Danish flag day was celebrated with the soldiers and the citizens of Tapa

21.06.2018  17:13
The Danish contingent in Tapa took the initiative to celebrate the excellent cooperation between Denmark and Estonia, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and the 799th anniversary of the Danish flag, the Dannebrog, with a concert and barbecue on 15 June, on Valdemar's Day.

A free public event at the Ivaste Stadium brought on stage Getter Jaani and Liis Lemsalu with their bands, and from Denmark the artists Shaka Loveless and Brandon Beal. In the middle of the party, the Hussar Trumpeters played and slightly later also the Danish flag fell down the sky with the help of a parachuter.

Former Ministers of Defence Margus Tsahkna (EE) and Søren Gade (DK) were among the speakers on the stage. On display on the party grounds were military vehicles and first aid equipment. It was possible to participate in games and get face-painting from the soldiers. Local handicrafts, Danish-style ice-cream and other stalls were open. The food came from the military grill masters, the drinks from Viru Õlu (Harboe) tents.

Approximately 200 soldiers from the Danish contingent began serving in Tapa in the NATO Battle Group in January 2018 and are part of the Estonian 1st Infantry Brigade in the British-led eFP Battle Group. A new group of Danish soldiers will rotate in for the next six months in July.
The day of the Danish flag, Valdemar's Day, is celebrated on June 15th, because, according to legend, on June 15, 1219 the Dannebrog fell down to King Valdemar II from heaven in Estonia.

The party in Tapa was organised by the Danish contingent in cooperation with the Embassy of Denmark and the Municipality of Tapa. 

See more photos here and a video here.