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Danish embassy participated in the charity Christmas Bazaar

22.12.2018  13:22
On 25 November 2018 already for 13th time the International Christmas Bazaar took place the proceeds of which go to children’s and women’s charities in Estonia.

The bazaar, organized by The International Women’s Club of Tallinn (IWCT), has foreign embassies and other organisations selling food and gifts for a good cause.

The Danish table at the bazaar offered chocolates, beer, biscuits and coffee. There was also a lucky draw where every draw won.

Embassy is grateful for the kind donations to: Calle, Õllegalerii / Mikkeller, Change Eesti, Merrild Eesti, Viru Õlu, Synnove Finden Eesti, Interaltus, Noires HA, LEGO Baltics, Designnut.

Find more photos of the Bazaar here