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Danish Embassy gave a prize at young inventors’ competition

14.12.2015  13:35
On Thursday, 10 December 2015 in Mektory in Tallinn the winners of student inventors’ competition and the students’ supervisors received national prizes and special awards, amongst those an award from Danish Embassy.

The competition, organised by Estonian Research Council, aims to develop young people's creativity and innovative thinking, to guide students to recognize problems around them and to seek solutions to those. The competition expected imaginative ideas from children in the 1st-4th grades, ideas with technical solutions from students of the 5th-9th grades, and realistically achievable ideas from the 10th-12th grade students. A total of 755 inventions from 844 authors were presented to the competition this year. National monetary prizes for the winners in three age groups were handed over by the President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

The Danish Embassy awarded Henri Prillop (2nd grade) for his idea of a swimming pool floor with changeable height, so smaller children would feel safer during their swimming lesson in the normal sized pool. Before handing over the prize ambassador Søren Kelstrup engaged all the people in the audience to a little innovative challenge with LEGO bricks.

More info (in Estonian) about student inventors' competition and this year's winners can be found at the website of Estonian Research Council, view also gallery of the event from Estonian Research Council’s Facebook page

Ambassador Søren Kelstrup and Henri Prillop

Henri Prillop introducing his inventions 

Audience solving the LEGO invention task

Estonian Research Council carries out activities which help to generate interest in young people in science, technology, mathematics and engineering. National competitions for school students have been organized since 2008. Each year the most exciting ideas are collected into a poster exhibition, which travels into schools around the year.