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Claus Høxbroe and Oscar Gilbert

Claus Høxbroe and Oscar Gilbert
Estonian Writer's Union (Harju 1, Tallinn)
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Poetry and music on 6 May 2016 at 18:00 in Estonian Writers’ Union.
In Danish and English, moderated by Tobias Koch.
Translation into Estonian provided for selected poems.
*Tickets of 2 euros can be bought before the performance on the spot.

CLAUS HØXBROE’s (b. 1980) texts are a fusion of life and poetry. Hailing from Copenhagen, the poet has lived in various districts of the Danish capital, gathered inspiration from them, and shaped these experiences into words. The central theme of his creation is thus the perception of city life.

The multi-faceted poetic world is reinforced by the colourful character and the enthralling presentation of Høxbroe himself: the poet not only reads the poems enthusiastically, but mixes in some improvisation while being in constant communication with the audience. Accompanied by the pianist Oscar Gilbert’s jazzy tunes and rhythms, Høxbroe brings the American beat poetry of the 40s and 50s into the 21st century.

Pianist OSCAR GILBERT (b. 1986) graduated from the Copenhagen Rhythmic Music Conservatory. He composes in the key of jazz, pop, R&B and afro-beat and plays in different collectives, including an improv-comedy group and a gospel band.

In 2013, Oscar Gilbert and Claus Høxbroe published their first joint album Nogne som Nyfodte (Naked as a Newborn), in which Høxbroe delivers his texts and Gilbert improvises on the piano. Gilbert specifically composed the music for Høxbroe’s texts for their second album that came out in 2015, titled Tusmørkets Censur (Twilight Censure), which was recorded in collaboration with various musicians.

Claus Høxbroe Oscar Gilbert are guests of the Prima Vista Festival, their performance in Tartu is on Thursday, 5th of May at 20:00 at the Vilde Restaurant.øxbroe-oscar-gilbert1
The concert in Tallinn takes place in cooperation with Estonian Writers' Union and the Embassy of Denmark. Find event's Facebook page here.