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Valdemar's Day – Danish flag party in Tapa

Valdemar's Day – Danish flag party in Tapa
Ivaste Stadium, Tapa
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Celebrate ESTONIA100 and DANNEBROG799 with a big party in Tapa for citizens, soldiers and guests on Valdemar's Day, 15 June 2018, with the NATO eFP Battlegroup Estonia. Entrance is free for everyone.

The day will include Estonian and Danish bands, games and a flag falling from the sky… The food will come from the army base’s barbeque grills and drinks from Viru Õlu/Harboe.

The market place on Ivaste stadium opens at 12:00, and soon after you can enjoy the live performances of Estonian stars Getter Jaani and Liis Lemsalu with their bands. Later in the afternoon, Danish stars Shaka Loveless and Brandon Beal take the stage. The Hussar Trumpeteers will be there too!

The whole day, you will be able to see military vehicles on display, and you can try your skills at various games.

If you are wondering, why party on 15 June - the legend goes that on 15 June 1219 the Danish flag Dannebrog fell from the sky to King Valdemar the Victorious in Estonia.

Find more info at he Facebook event page here.