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Denmark takes over the Presidency of Nordic Council of Ministers

07.01.2015  16:09
On 1 January 2015, Denmark took over the presidency of Nordic Council of Ministers from Iceland.

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the official organisation for governmental cooperation between Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland and has existed since 1971.

The cooperation is comprehensive and involves the departmental ministers of each country, who meet a couple times a year to strengthen the Nordic relations and increase attractiveness of living, working, and running a business in the Nordics. The fields of cooperation involves everything from scientific research and environment, to welfare and culture. For the recently overtaken presidency, Denmark has decided to put focus on Growth, Welfare, Values, and the Artic.
The presidency ends 1 January 2016.

Furthermore, Denmark has taken over the presidency of NB8, the Nordic-Baltic cooperation, and N5, the cooperation of the foreign ministers of the Nordic countries.

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