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New bilateral cooperation agreement on defence between Denmark and Estonia

06.02.2015  13:16
Danish Defence Minister Nicolai Wammen and Estonian Defence Minister Sven Mikser signed a new bilateral cooperation agreement in Brussels at NATO defence ministers' meeting on 5 February 2015.

The earlier bilateral cooperation agreement was signed in 1994 and focused on capacity (re)establishment, readjustment and modernisation of the country’s armed forces. It also reflected the Danish endorsement and a wish to support the Baltic countries in their integration to the Euro-Atlantic security structure, as well as membership in NATO.


The new cooperation agreement is customized and reflects the focus areas in cooperation between Denmark and Estonia. The agreement has been prepared in close dialogue between the Defence Ministries of Denmark and Estonia and it reflects the transition of the cooperation character to partnership. Already now an Estonian brigade is affiliated to the Danish Division. And based on the new agreement this cooperation, among other areas, can develop further.

With the new agreement a strong foundation for the further cooperation is created. It shall benefit Denmark, as well as Estonia and NATO.

The agreement between Denmark and Estonia focuses on the following cooperation areas:

• Cooperation in strengthening interoperability in regard to capacity development, cooperation in training and exercises in, for example, the framework of Connected Forces Initiative, NATO Response Force, Joint Expeditionary Force and other national, bilateral or multinational forces, so that it would be possible to participate in international operations together
• Focus on Multinational Corps North East increased readiness
• Cooperation in regard to military officers' education, including cooperation within the framework of Baltic Defence College
• Cooperation on veteran policies, more precisely, exchanging of experiences in order to better the conditions for veterans
• Cooperation on military capacity building and security reforms
• Cooperation in Cyber sector
• Cooperation between the Danish volunteer forces (Hjemmeværnet) and Estonian Defence League.

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