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Danish programme for the Nordic Precidency 2015 is published

04.11.2014  16:49
Growth, welfare and values, and the Arctic are the headlines of the Danish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2015.

"Growth is crucial if we are to maintain and develop the Region's position as a leader especially in green solutions, energy and climate. Therefore growth, job creation and increased competitiveness are central elements in the Danish Programme for the Presidency", said Minister for Nordic Co-operation Carsten Hansen.

The Presidency of the Nordic governments' official co-operation forum, the Nordic Council of Ministers, rotates between the five member states and after Iceland in 2014 it is the turn of Denmark to head up the co-operation in 2015.

The Danish Programme for the Presidency 2015 has been drawn up on close co-operation with Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Read more from the website of Nordic Council of Ministers and see the programme.

The Nordic-Baltic cooperation in 2014 is lead by Estonia. See more.

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